Postcard from Bethlehem and Jerusalem

There is a lot of things we should not forget. Today, and every other day of the year. ——————————– All pictures By Rahel Morgen

MalinPostcard from Bethlehem and Jerusalem

Snow baking

I have been baking for 200 people here in the Swiss Mountains. Pesko, a well worth visiting Department store with an unusual high quality selection of brands had their opening weekend for the Ski Season. The weekend was cold and I realized that I almost had forgotten how beautiful it can be when the sky is blue and no cars … Read More

MalinSnow baking

Pop up Bakery in the Swiss Alps

On Saturday the ski season is starting. I will pack my suitcase with my grandmas Cross Country skiing outfit (very chic) and “throw myself out in the track”, as we say in Sweden. Sometimes in between eating and skiing and visits to the Sauna I will also bake. I expect it to be happening in the middle of the night. … Read More

MalinPop up Bakery in the Swiss Alps

SZ Magazin Thema Brot

Todays Magazin from SZ is focusing on Bread. Great I think. They are also presenting two of my role models: Chad Robertson, baker at Tartine and Mathias Dahlgren, chef at Grand Hotel. Cool, these guys changes the world and their philosophies are worth spreading. I am very happy that SZ are doing a special about something so simple and intimate as Bread. … Read More

MalinSZ Magazin Thema Brot

Northern California

I find it hard to imagine going to San Francisco and NOT go up north. After only one hour in the car you end up in the food mecca of America. I was not aware of this before I had been there myself. I spend 7 days in Sonoma and Marin County but I do not even feel like I … Read More

MalinNorthern California

Moody Sourdough in SF

I have a bit of a hard time to get things started with my sourdough here in San Francisco. One would think it should love to come “Home”. As we know, San Francisco IS Home of the Sourdoughs. But no. Not my sourdough apparently. Instead I have experienced slow growth in my  doughs since I got here. Maybe the sourdough … Read More

MalinMoody Sourdough in SF

Bread for Horse

Yesterday, just before I left the Wine Country for San Francisco, I got a mail from a girl named Emi. She had read on my blog that I wanted to trade Bread for a Horse. Since Emi did not have a horse herself she pulled her strings and organized for me to visit her friend Lisa. Now Lisa does not … Read More

MalinBread for Horse

Last day of trading in Santa Rosa

Today is my last day in Santa Rosa. It has been a very interesting trip. So many lovely people. The Farmers Black Market has opened up completely and traded with me. I have received home made chutney out of figs and pear. Fresh Figs, and Grapes. I got to pick as much rosemary and sage as I wanted in Lauras … Read More

MalinLast day of trading in Santa Rosa

Bread Exchange in Santa Rosa

I have 3 kinds of Bread ready to trade today. They are all without yeast and baked with water from Big Sur and Sonoma Salt. 1) Simple White. The most simple kind and what I like the most – Water, Flour and Salt. 2) Santa Rosa Brewed. Baked with the local beer “Pliny the Elder” from Russian River Brewing company. … Read More

MalinBread Exchange in Santa Rosa

Malibu Bread Exchange

On our way north on highway one we stopped by Dave in Malibu. Dave is a colleague of mine from Levi’s and is in charge of LVC in the US. He is also one of the most warm hearted people I met in the fashion business. Since I had doughs in the car, very ready to be baked, Dave offered … Read More

MalinMalibu Bread Exchange